Thursday, April 23, 2009

A varnishing adventure

  The cabin sides were my first vertical varnishing venture. I varnished  the tongue and groove for our cabin top in the summer while the wood was all laying flat. I must say it spoiled me and falsely led me to believe that varnishing, in spite of what I'd heard, was no big deal.

   Vertical varnishing in 32 degree weather is something I do not recommend undertaking. You must keep in my mind, while you read about my debacle, that I am a novice and had no idea what I was doing.

  Thinking that reading the can was about all I needed to know to tackle the cabin sides, especially after my successful tongue and groove experience, I commenced. The can told me that thinning wasn't recommended so I skipped that along with taking notice of how cold it was. I put on a coat and it looked great. I returned the next day and there were runs all over. I figured I would have to stay and brush it out once after I coated it, so I did it again. Needless to say it was the same the next day. I wish I could tell you that I stopped after this, but I wanted this project finished before my hubby returned from Alaska, so the stupidity continued.
   I should have prefaced this by saying that I had put a  couple of coats of sealer on in warmer weather and that went without a hitch. I continued to roll and tip varnish that kept weeping until my husband came home.  The worst coat went on while he was in town, fortunately, so he got to take out the orbital sander and remove a few of my dripping awful coats of shame. I finally realized it was not my application process but the fact that the varnish wasn't going to dry in freezing temperatures. 
  You can scoff at me all you want, but I felt I had to lay it all out there for you. This was just one of many stupid things I have done while taking on this behemoth of a project. I must say that once it warmed up I made it look perfect. Oh alright maybe not perfect, but certainly something I could be proud of. 
  Stay tuned for my next blunder. 


Chrisy said...

Welcome back to bloggy land! Yeah can relate I'm sure I'd be much worse...hope you were watching when hubby used that orbital sander cause I think that'd be the way to go in future!

Burgandy said...

Thanks for the welcome back. Definitely been a while.
Unfortunately you have to sand by hand unless you want to remove all of the varnish you apply. Orbitals are best for sanding bare wood or simply removing the big screw ups.

Anonymous said...

word up from dhole, bizatch.

Anonymous said...


Eben said...

This blog seems abandoned but I'll try anyway. We met at the wooden boat festival this year. You were kind enough to have us on board for the schooner race.

I've uploaded some photos of the festival and the race here:

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