Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged for life

I'VE BEEN TAGGED!  Here are some random facts about me.
 I've been tagged by Jude and I'm going to continue the game.

Each blogger has to reveal 7(8 according to some) random facts about themselves.
People who are tagged have to post the rules.
At the end I have to choose 7/8 people to tag.
I then need to leave a comment for each person who has been tagged, telling them they are "it".
The "tagee" then needs to leave a comment for the person who tagged them to read your list.

1) Although I love the sea, sailing and scuba diving in particular. I hate sand. Hate it!

2) My poop smells like roses.

3) I snore and cuss like a sailor.

4) My biological mother was a nun.

5) My feet are simply enormous, a size 11.

6) My father was a famous cinematographer in his day.

7) I have recovered a body from 80 feet of water.

8) I was almost a debutante in L.A.

* Only one of these statements is not true!

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Midnight Bleu said...

Is the untruth about your feet?

Sandy Cathcart said...

I'm enjoying your boat building process. Thanks for sharing fun facts about yourself.

Burgandy said...

Absolutely midnight bleu;)
Thanks Sandy!

Midnight Bleu said...

Woot!! I guessed correctly. :D

Now for a cookie. Wait, we have pie! I'm having pie!

JanSimpson said...

Very nice and full of humor which is great- glad I was tagged. Keep up the blogging on your dream - others will show up.


judė said...

I'm going to go with the 2nd of your "factoids".. if not, i wanna eat what you eat ;)

Burgandy said...

Ah, Jude obviously I eat a lot of roses ;)

WineWoman said...

I was going to guess #2 but I suppose I'm with Midnight Bleu now that I saw your replies! At least you don't have two 'left' feet like me!

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