Friday, January 23, 2009


Coming from Los Angeles, I always believed scarfing to be eating really quickly. For example, I scarfed down my breakfast before going to varnish the boat. When I found out we had to scarf the mast I felt unprepared. Fortunately the guys over at Jensens on Lake Union "scarfed" the mast for us.  Scarfing is the joining of another piece of wood. 

     I must say I really wimped out on the mast and had them varnish it too.  I did some sanding and paint removing on the wind tunnel that they call their dock, and while I can see that the tarp in this picture is obviously not being tousled by the wind, you can be assured that the wind , it did bite. They were able to achieve a beautiful mirror perfect finish that I have yet to achieve, so it was really worth it.


byrheea said...

How cool is that..building your own boat! wow~ you got to update us on the progress. Good luck! :)

The UnStrungSisters - Amy and Erin said...

Very cool!

BonTons said...

wonderful, living the dream!

judÄ— said...

Holy, would my friend Jack love this blog (but he's an old fart and doesn't understand what that means) He used to be the Marine Columnist for the newspaper and builds his own boats (smaller ones). Very exciting and interesting, too.

By the way, I'm "tagging" you as we speak. For more info look at my past post. It's kind of a fun way to get to know more about people (although the boat building is a great fact already!)


kim* said...

wow that is nice to know...:)
if i ever get asked that million dollar question i will be set :)

Chrisy said...

...that mask is a work of art in itself!

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