Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A clean slate

 There is something magical about a series of pictures making a process appear to have happened with the snap of a finger. The removal of our cabin top obviously didn't happen that way, but this pic says"VOILA" everything is ready to move forward now.

This was to be the start of construction, and it was a pleasure to be thinking about putting material into the boat instead of removing them. There was still a lot of preparing for the actual construction of the new top at this point though.
 The large wood beam that the ladder is leaning against is called the carlin as you can see there are carlins on both sides of the boat. These pieces of wood actually had to be pulled back into their original position before we could begin. When the cabin top was removed it was discovered that they were actually starting to move inwards and lose their integral shape. 

1 Comment:

G said...

wow, the best part of this photo is the ladder! It gives some scale to the boat, I can understand just how big the boat actually is! cool stuff!

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