Sunday, January 25, 2009

Boat handling

 Even at 11 months old, Violet took her boat handling lessons very seriously. We were in Chemela, Mexico when this was taken and it brings back so many memories. Pictures like this remind me of why we are rebuilding this schooner with the intention of sailing all over the world on it. 

     I really believe the value of raising our child to learn practical life skills, and to allow herself to become immersed in different cultures or lifestyles, will be invaluable to her future. I am looking forward to simplifying our lives once again. To purge the unecessary nesting objects I feel inclined to absorb into my space when I am in one place for to long, to disconnect from the pace of the city and to see the stars in all their glory.
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G said...

Wow, that sounds really nice! I wish you all the luck with your hopes and dreams. What a beautiful child you have! that is a very nice photo, one that you and her will look back on many years from now and remember a perfect moment.

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